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31st-Oct-2010 12:43 am - Writer's Block: How old is too old?
Are you ever too old to go trick-or-treating? Is candy for everyone?

You can never be too old for candy.. It's just weird seeing 30+ year olds going door to door. I say more power to them. :3
30th-Oct-2010 01:14 am - Homecoming! -- Not mine though..
 So.. It's Homecoming Weekend for my alma mater, Parsippany High School, and.. I managed to catch most of their game today. Of course, I did this after I went out with my parents to buy my new camera (which I will elaborate on in a moment), and then after going to WalMart to buy a carrying case.

Obviously.. the football team lost, but they did score a few touchdowns, so it was... less painful to watch than in the previous years. I.. took full advantage of my new toy to record the Marching Band's half time performance. Their show? Medieval Times! Which is pretty good, actually. :3 What's funny is that... I... didn't really get the chance to charge the camera's battery.. So... I was afraid it was going to turn off half way through the recording, but it lived! So I'm happy. :3 YAY NEW CAMERA!

Speaking of which, I got the Canon Powershot SX210IS (in Black). So far, I have no complaints. Then again, I've only had it for a few hours, and took all of a video and four pictures. But, the video came out amazingly, minus the fact that I don't have a very steady hand at all.. I blame the occasional gust from time to time... >_>

Anyway~! Yeah. New camera, which is awesome. Saw the Marching Band, which was awesome, and then I went to Applebee's with Erin. I wanted to chuck a mozzarella stick at her cause she kept singing this one song about zombies... Have I mentioned that... Zombies are one of the few things that actually scare me? Yeah. Well, now you know. So, yeah... That happened. She got streak, I got shrimp.. Good food was good... And then I topped off her sugar overload by having her share a Chocolate Meltdown with me, haha. Twas yummy. :3

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I think I'm about done with this post... Just... needed to give myself something to do for a bit. Now... I might work on my photoshop project (Galax & Rose).. Or... I may just go to bed, because I have work from 12-7 or so... Assuming they don't add on hours.. Which... they better not, because I want to see Red: Werewolf Hunters. It's staring Felicia Day! I can't miss that! Are you kidding!

Anyway, that's officially all for tonight. Time to do... something.. other than this... G'night Livejournal!
 I felt this title appropriate. Why? Well. As stated in my last two posts, my weekend was utterly horrible. That happened to be the "darkest" point. The Storm? Well, let's just say I don't at all miss the single life, but here I am again.

I don't blame anyone, except maybe myself, just a little bit, for not being more.. observant? But, it's past. And the good thing about it all? She and I are remaining friends, which is more than what I could have ever asked for. I have a thing for remaining friends with those that I've had a relationship with. A month? Seven months? 4+years? Doesn't matter how long. Unless if my mistake was that utterly horrible, it's nice to know that I can still be friends with whoever I've dated. And this time, if I am given a second chance, I won't mess up. Not with her. Not again.

But, to bring some happiness into this post, I got my present from Erin from when she went to BlizzCon this weekend. It's these two stress balls, one red, for Health, and one blue, for Mana. These are actually not related to WoW! These are items for Diablo III, which.. I'll be waiting for... For a while, it seems. But, it's cool! The red one turns yellow, which in Diablo III means that I'm running low on health. The Blue, or Mana ball, turns bright pinkish/purple, symbolizing that, "I'm outta mana!". :3 I.. was amused, cause they stick to each other. Imagine me and Erin at McDonald's, throwing the stress balls at each other and watching them stick as they flip over each other. Quite amusing.

So, yeah. While this was quite possible the absolute worse weekend of my life, it's getting better. And it started getting better from the moment she and I started laughing again. Feelings are still hurt, but we can help each other through it. :3
25th-Oct-2010 12:38 am - October 25th, 2010
 Plain and simple title, I'd say. Almost too plain and simple..

So, lets see. My weekend. It consisted of lack of Pennsylvania, drawing, music, ice cream, drawing, drama, drawing, an hour of World of Warcraft and once again, drawing. Clearly.. Drawing was the theme this weekend.

Maybe it's become my, "Let's not punch a hole into the wall" mechanism, cause that's quite literally what I've felt like doing all weekend. Not because I'm feeling like crap. More so because my weekend was nothing but hell, and all of it started with one uttered word from my father, "No."

On top of that, my girlfriend and I have hardly spoken this weekend, which doesn't make me feel much better, cause I can't do shit about it. I'm afraid of starting a conversation with her right now for the sheer fact that I'm afraid I'll upset her even more, or things will be said that shouldn't be, and we'll regret later. So, I'm sitting here, not saying anything, staring at my phone in hopes that she'll say something. 

The only remotely good thing that's happened is that Erin got my a present from BlizzCon, which apparently I'll be getting on Tuesday. And currently Sabrina and I are looking at camera's that my parents can possibly get me as my gift. It was either that or an iPod.. I have two, and no camera. Clearly the camera won out. (It'll also help to have one if one of my majors is going to be photography.)

So, yeah. That sums up my weekend. Glad it's fucking over. I never thought I'd say that about a birthday weekend. But I did. Because it was that shitty.

Oh. On a brighter side to things, other than the present and camera searching, I've gotten more Idina Menzel music. Which, I could honestly say is the best thing that's happened this weekend. Idina Menzel and drawing. The best things that's happened. Cool fuckin' story.

Sorry for the language. Actually.. I'm not sorry. It's rare I do it, so deal.

24th-Oct-2010 01:51 am - So.. About This Weekend..
 Clearly.. Nothing about starting off my twentieth year of life was meant to be at all enjoyable. 

Not only did my parents ruin my original weekend plans, but now my girlfriend is mad at me because the only thing I could manage to do that was even remotely enjoyable was go have ice cream with my ex. Seriously? I spent an hour with her, talking, and catching up, because it's been that long since she and I spoke.

And, although she hasn't said anything about what's wrong, I know it's because of my ex. Jealousy maybe? I don't fucking know. And she isn't telling me either, though I'm wishing she would.


Clearly this weekend was just not meant to be a good one.. I'm hoping I can get to the Marching Band Competition tomorrow, but chances are my dad will freak out about the fuckin' tires again. Damn it. Clearly the higher powers just wanted me to be miserable today (23rd). I literally had one enjoyable moment so far, and that was over ice cream. Seriously?

Here's hoping I can do something nice tomorrow. Like go see my band. But again, chances are, those plans will go down the drain too. 

I guess I should just work on a fic for the rest of the night. Been drawing all day and my wrist is starting to yell at me. -.-
22nd-Oct-2010 10:20 pm - Devious Journal Entry

Galax -::- Purple Pride
by ~LadyRaita on deviantART
22nd-Oct-2010 12:42 pm - All Down The Drain
 Well, as the title explains, all has gone down the drain. All my plans for my birthday weekend that is. 

Why? Well, lets see. Simple answer? My dad is an asshole. And my mother is paranoid.

Can I just make a point here and say that I'll be 20? TOMORROW! And I still have to put up with my bullshit parents and their lame excuses. 

And their way of making it up to me that I can't be in PA for the weekend? By going shopping (my mother's idea) and letting me have the car the weekend (my dad's idea). Yeah. No. That doesn't make up for it. Not even the slightest bit. Fuck. Maybe I should tell them I have a girlfriend. Maybe then they'll have more incentive to let me go to PA, however that may be.

What would make up for it? Getting me a fucking car that can make it to PA without the worry of: "Oh, the tires might give out! I don't want to risk it!" Seriously? That car has made it to fucking Florida with worse tires! 21 hours! As opposed to 2 and half or so.

It's all bullshit and I'm sick and tired of it. I can't wait until plans are set so that I can move out. That day can't come soon enough either. 

T-Minus 11 hours until I turn 20. Woo. *proceeds to blast music*
21st-Oct-2010 02:25 am - At First There Were Two
 Holy. Cow. 5. Hours.

That's how long it took me to create a PhotoShop drawing, from start to finish. Not too bad if you think about it. It's not all that big either. It's just a pain to do it all with a mouse, which is not something I'm used to.. (Totally going to buy a tablet soon). 

Anyway! To explain the Title. The drawing I completed is a drawing depicting two of my toons from World of Warcraft, Jezelynn and Listeria Moonsong. The reason for the title for this journal is that, Jezelynn's family has grown. She was adopted by a Warlock, Anetho, which in turn made her sisters with a mage, Gene, an aunt to Dasani and Alarian and sister-in-law to quite a few men. On a different side of the charts, she and Ezalyn Chaos, a Hunter, became sisters, bound by word, because Ezalyn had no family. So, as you can tell, her family has grown.

But, it originally started off with these two. Just Jezelynn and Listeria, a Rogue and a Paladin. :3 Their outfits are actually reminiscent of what their parents would have worn. Their father, Dymytree was a Warlock, which is seen mostly in Jezelynn with the blue/purple gown. And their mother, Elaine, was a priest, which is more noticeably seen in Listeria. They were both originally to follow in one of the two ways, but they both ventured in different directions in terms of classes, Jezelynn becoming the complete odd-ball out. ;3 And, even though it may not look it, Jezelynn is the younger of the two sisters by about 5 human years... Which is a bit more in Blood Elf, or Elf, years. 

AKA, I really should just put up a short bio for each of them. :3 

But, that's about it for today. Enjoy!

19th-Oct-2010 12:20 am - October 19th, 2010
Exhausted. Should be in bed, for work calls in the morning, and I think I'm getting sick. But, a small entry seems to want to come out.

 And of course as I start, I can't think of anything to write down. Probably because I have far too any things on my mind, one constantly nagging at me. I wasn't wrong in what I said. I didn't mean it offensively. But that's how it was taken I guess.

Guess I should just.. I don't even know. Too tired to think about it anymore.

On a lighter, and much better note, my birthday is in 4 days. (October 23rd). Gonna be twenty. Aww yeah. One year from being legal to drink. 

.. And I think it's time to crash, which is far from normal for me, because I can usually last another hour and a half or so before I think I should get to bed. Not even tired, just coming to the realization..

Love is a sweet tyranny, because the lover endureth his torments willingly. ~Proverb

Oh! And did I mention? I'm going to be starting my Year and a Day on the 22nd. I think it's about time I stop pondering the Mysteries and just dive right in. 

Good night everyone. Blessed be.
15th-Oct-2010 02:13 am - For Once In My Life
For once in my life
I have someone who needs me.
Someone I've needed so long,
for once unafraid I can go where life leads me, 
and somehow I know I'll be strong.
For once in my life, I won't let sorrow hurt me...
not like it's hurt me before.
For once I have something I know won't desert me.
I'm not alone anymore.

The version to which the lyrics pertain. Why? Because I'm on a Fringe kick that won't be ending anytime soon, especially since the next episode of Fringe is on hiatus until November 4th. >.< That does not bode well for my fandom.

Anyway, enjoy the video, and Anna Torv's (as Olivia Dunham) singing. ;D Definitely one of my favorite Australians. <3

(This is also for you, love)

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